Write an essay on classification of phylum annelida

The Phylum Annelida

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Answers range in size from the Very Earthworms, of which Michrochaetus rappi Michrochaetus michrochaetus is the strongest, this magnificent animal has an impressive length of 1. The Annelida are a medium sized phylum of more than 9, species of worms.

Most species prefer aquatic environments, but there are also a number of well know terrestrial species. Phylum Annelida Essay Phylum Annelida L. annelleus = little ring Annelida have bodies consisting of many essentially similar ringlike segments (somites or metameres).This segmentation usually shows in both external and internal features, including muscles, nerves, and circulatory, excretory and reproductive organs.

The characteristic mentioned above describe the structural similarities between the Platyhelminthes and the Annelida phylum group. However, despite the structural similarities, there are differences observed between these two phylum groups.

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Characteristics of phylum annelids Assignment Help

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Classification Of Annelida

How does it get from the human host to this host? Fecal matter. Lesson Multiple Choice Name_____ Class_____ Date_____ Circle the letter of the correct choice. a. Members of the Porifera phylum have a. no skeleton. b. an exoskeleton. c. an endoskeleton. d. In the scheme of classification, the animals kingdom is divided first into several majore animal groups called phyla.

There are approximately 30 animal phyla currently recognized. The last major group of the animal kingdom is known as phylum chordata. It was created by Balfour in The name of.

Platyhelminthes Are Commonly Known As Flatworms Biology Essay

Phylum Chordata. Biology Animal Phylums "Write a three sentence description for each phylum and list two examples for each. Also, draw a picture of a common example from each.

(or cut out of a magazine). You will be graded on how accurate your information is as well as neatness.".

Write an essay on classification of phylum annelida
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