Biological approach to psychopathology essay

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Dec 12,  · 12/12/ I’d like to share with you an essay that I wrote during my counselling course, the topic being Psychopathology where I compared and contrasted the difference between the medical model and person-centred approach to mental illness.

a scientific method of treatment that is based on medicine, the primary approach of which is to identify the biological causes of psychopathology and treat them with medication or surgery.

psychological models. models which view psychopathology as caused primarily by psychological rather than biological processes. Abnormal psychology focuses on psychopathology, as well as abnormal behavior (Hergenhahn, ).

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The word encompasses such disorders as depression, obsession and sexual deviations. Counselors, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists are some of the professionals that work in the field of abnormal psychology.


Psychopathology - abnormality Essay. frightening and distressing symptoms for many people, enabling them to manage day-to-day life more easily. Drug treatments do not work for everybody though, and individuals can respond differently to the same drug treatments.

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Biological approach to psychopathology essay
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