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Art Spiegelman's Maus: A Survivor's Tale: A Bibliographic Essay

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Writing and Research in Art History

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Considerations for Structuring a Bibliographic Jotting There are a number of rocks that an essay will do well to keep in blunt when weaving a list of unmarried readings into a reliable and vibrant bibliographic essay. Sample Essay: Citation Practices, Style, Bibliographic Forms, and Caption Format We have created a fictional excerpt from a fictional essay in order to demonstrate correct writing and citation format.

The essay examines scholarly criticism of the graphic novel "Maus: A Survivor's Tail," by Jewish American comics artist Art Spiegelman.

The graphic novel largely deals with the experiences of a Holocaust survivor both during and after the event. Essay: You will write a to page paper (either a review of literature or a bibliographic essay) that addresses at least 15 sources. (You will undoubtedly find many more sources and may include as many as you wish but be realistic.

Write a statement that sums up the focus of your bibliographic essay (your thesis statement Introduce the texts to be synthesized: Give the title of each source (following the citation guidelines of the style sheet you are using i.e., MLA or APA).

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